2007-2008 : Snowboard Camp in Mammoth Mountain ( Mar 21-23, 2008) 

Each student listened to me seriously. (皆、真剣に聞いてくれました)

They had good personalities and were reliable. (個性があって頼もしい生徒たち)

happy campers (キャンパーたちと・・・)

beautiful slope (ハイクオリティーのパーク)

a pleasurable ride(壮大で素晴らしい!)

Christmas in the village(街並み)

a pleasant mountain (楽しい山)

with David who is a professional photographer (プロカメラマンのデビットと一緒に・・・)

Good snow pack!(良い雪質!)

to Mammoth (マンモスに行く最中)

I always drink an Amino-Value before exercising. (いつも運動前に飲むアミのバリュー)

meditation (沈思黙考)

photography with mascot (マスコットと記念写真)