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プロスノーボーダーとして、今年で8年目になります。2010年にアメリカ:ロサンゼルスから帰国し、再度日本で旗揚げをしました。とは言え、年々、若い世代のスノーボーダーが生まれてくる姿を見て、「これから先どのようにスノーボードをやっていこうか?」 「年齢的に大丈夫なのかな?」と、一時は引退も考えました。しかし、スノ−ボ−ドの思いは捨てがたく、これからの私に出来ることは何かを考え続けました。

New Challenge
I have been a professional snowboarder for 8 years. I came back to Japan from Los Angeles in 2010, and started a new business. But, also, I watched as new generations of younger snowboarders become active year after year. So, I asked myself, “What should I do in snowboarding in the future”. “What kind of snowboarding is right for my age” I even considered quitting snowboarding, but only temporarily.
During my three years in America, I learned a lot. I learned that I like living life at my own pace, no cares. But, I still love my snowboarding and want to continue to be active. So, I have decided to both, but in moderation. I will live my life at my own pace, but and continue to make contributions to snowboarding as best I can, and as opportunities present themselves.
For one, I will work to teach people who are aiming to become pro snowboarders, and others, who simply want to experience the goodness of snowboarding. Of course, I will also enjoy snowboarding with everyone in the future. As opportunities
present, I may also get involved with other aspects of snowboarding, to improve the snowboarding experience for everyone.



I have been a professional snowboarder for six years. In 2007, two years ago, I moved to Los Angeles although, at the time, some people said it was too late in my career to move to a foreign country. I could have continued to promote my professional activities and train my students in Japan. Actually, I think that it is a balanced way of life. However, I am greedy. I like the challenge of a larger stage to pursue my love for sports, beauty and health from a woman's standpoint. The United States is larger than Japan and can provide that platform. America can also help me in my future career so I made a decision to visit America. I am pursuing professional snowboarding activities now, while studying English daily. When I have time, I do yoga to support mind and body, and make the restrained calorie choices, that will enable me to enjoy my pursuit of beauty and health.

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